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Sep 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
defeat an l.a. times poll shows 34 percent of voters favored the tax 52% oppose it it will affect most californians the measures wealthy backer has spent $30 million on the campaign. a competing measure supported by gov. brown will raise taxes only on the wealthy doing better, proposition 30 supported by 35 percent of voters, proposition 31 raise the income tax for people making more than $250,000 a year and raise sales taxes. general motors recalls more than 30,000 cars in warm weather states, the company says a plastic part can crack from skeet and cause a fuel leak and fire. the recall includes all 2007- 2009 models of the chevrolet cobol and surely equinoxes and pontiac suvs and all 2007 saturn ion a sedans gm will repair cars for free. a look at women voters how wide is the gender gap between mitt romney and president obama and why. >>> a rough outing for fisherman they got caught in this >>> five weeks until election day mitt romney awards are to female voters and their concerns about the deficit and how it impacts the future of their household's sharyl attkisson shows us wh
Sep 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to win this businessman over. lopez wants specifics, which tax loopholes romney close? what will he do about immigration? >> you're holding out making a decision? >> yes, i'm still holding out, yes. >> reporter: that's why president obama was back in nevada today. both candidates are battling hard for this battleground state. >> romney for president? >> reporter: carpet bombing the air waves with the politicalads. >> my plan will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years. >> it is not just generating more jobs, you know, i'm going to create 1 more million jobs, tell me how, where. >> today it would be obama. tomorrow it could be romney. i can'ts promise anything. >> reporter: they both hope that the debates will help them finally make up their minds. bill whittaker, cbs news, las vegas. >>> 50,000 techis are invading san francisco today. they started today at the center. it is one of the world's biggest check conferences, attending the latest technology view that he will have to offer. >> the reason on what their plans are, the products they use. if you don't know what the
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> the a's started and ended the day staying two games ahead of angels for a wild-card spot five games left. brendan mccarthy the robert altman clemente award nominee. welcome back coco crisp out of the lineup after missing 10 games a homer to right gets the a's on the board. tied at one in the third, a shot that does not come back with the a's up for good they won it 8-3. rookie a.j. griffin his seventh win. the a's are rolling. giants at san diego buster posey took a ball off his throat stayed in the gang because he's tough. sandoval's tough as well pop logos art in the third the base of the board giants beat the padres 3-1. vogelsang gets the wind. a no no 4 cincinnati reds pitcher
Oct 3, 2012 10:00pm PDT
bringing the dog home. >>> jobs, taxes, healthcare, and big bird! the first perez dishl debate is in the book -- presidential debate is in the books. >> looking at the cbs news instant polls, the former governor apparently knocked it out of the park. 500 uncommitted voters were asked who won this debate. 46% said romney was the winner, while only 22% said that the president was the victor this time. as for their view of romney, the man who has been fighting to ensure that he relates to the average american, 56% of the polls said they had a better opinion of the former governor after this debate. what started out as cordial quickly became heated. >> his proposal calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of $2 trillion of additional spending for the military. and he is saying that he is going to pay for it by closing loopholes and deductions. he's been asked over 100 times how he would close those loophole, and he hasn't identified them. >> if the tax plan he described airplane tax plan i was asked to support, i'd say absolutely not. i'm not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. i've said i won'
Sep 26, 2012 10:00pm PDT
difficult week when you try to trump that by printing your tax return rate on the pate 15%. next week's debate could be run his last chance in this election. >>> thats to strike down for romney has his third swing at this first debate but given what everybody says he really has to do something pretty significance to try to realign the raise or change it up. the very first several presidential candidates will face off at the university of denver and will be answering questions about domestic policy you can watch a live on cbs five ungraciously in the newsroom cbs five. a wild finish to a wild car chase in san francisco. several vehicles were damaged into innocent bystanders were hurt. it all started at 5:00 this evening when police said the suspects still a backpack with and i've had. the robbery happened as sacramento and fillmore street and pacific heights police spotted the suspect the few blocks away the later crashed and he's in buchanan cbs five reporter linda yee picks up the story from there. tirolese the intersection and hayes and you can was like a wrecking yard a driver
Sep 25, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the day just two games behind for the wild card start the clock. their attacked taxes and makes it costly error that allowed two runs to score by with the game tied at 2 in the seventh bases loaded and this time he saved three runs. so the same score in the 10th inning george guitarist last one into the upper deck is when three to two eagles are leading at 11:00. did we its they took a step backwards tonight in the third inning paul goldman is having a fifth career home run off the giants went to come allowed seven runs walked four and they lost 7 to 2. according to manager burrs budgeted giants outfielder maliki cabrera will not be on the playoff roster when his suspension for failing a drug test comes to an end last month and a linebacker joe mays was fined $50,000 and suspended one game for the hit on texans quarterback matt shaw of the day was so violent and not his, it's a part of the part of his ear off the play in denver next sunday. then he was vicious. >>> as much as they do to try to protect the game seems like it gets worse. >>> at that holsteins ordeal about the guys st
Sep 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
with wyoming tax tequila and his 38 years old and 5 ft. 11 and 200 lbs. police say she tried to do this two weeks ago and got away with that this time she faces charges of burglary and contributing to the legacy of a minor >>> very sad news to report out of nevada all a 12 year-old girl hit by a car this afternoon has died she was riding her bike on no vital boulevard elizabeth cook explains this is a stretch of road that is terrified parents a long time >>> it happened at 3:00 p.m. school had gotten out >>> i thought it was my stepdaughter she goes to cheer practice at the high school >>> his three kids go to the same school sinaloa a middle schooler the girl collided with an s u v while riding her bike on a bottle boulevard >>> one of the busiest in town without a stop light >>> i saw the bike and a blood it was sad >>> she saw the wreckage her husband was also hit by a car in the exact same area 20 years ago >>> may flood down here and down the road >>> police said a head-on collision the bike was traveling west and the s u v east, all the children ride their bikes to school and
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7